How Does Fashion Represent You?

Whose Fashion Sense is Better?

Who has a better fashion sense, you or your classmate? Is it you? Well, how can you know yours is better than others? Maybe because you think you’re trendy? You’re following the latest fashion icons and reading the newest fashion magazines. Despite all this, one cannot say your fashion sense is better than others because, for one, fashion is subjective, and two, fashion keeps on changing.

The shift in Fashion like Changes in Weather

Fashion trends and icons keep changing, similar to how you see the weather changing. Genius minds from around the world create magnificent pieces by either purpose or accident. No one knows what particular fashion trend might pick up and get recognition.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is something we deal with every day. In many cases, it represents you and where you come from. Even in high school, cliques are often identified by their clothes, makeup, and accessories; goths, skaters, preps, jocks, etc. Fashion reveals mood; maybe if you’re excited and happy. You choose bright and happy colors; you’re feeling down; you wear dull and straightforward colors that blend you in; you’re feeling confident and sound, so you wear elegant, chic, and bold colors. Even the people who say they don’t care about fashion have a sense of it. And it is seen in the clothes they throw on every morning.

Yoshimi Henrys Passion for Fashion

Yoshimi Henry is a Business management student based in the Greater Chicago Area. Her university and college affiliations are DTI (Diversified Technology Inc.) and Moraine Valley Community College. She is an innovative and dynamic business owner who applies her strong work ethic in every work she does. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she is also a Business Development Manager for the family business. But that is not where her achievements end, as she is also the owner of an independent model and talent agency. Fashion is an essential part of Yoshimis’ life, and she is passionate about it.

The Unlimited Reach of Fashion

The fashion industry, fashion modeling, and everything related to fashion is a vast and boundless field with a history of centuries behind it. Fashion is a well-known and sought-after style or practice which mainly focuses on, but is not limited to, clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercings, etc. From expressing moods to representing where you belong, fashion is an integral part of society and the expression of humans worldwide.




Chief People Officer at DTI (Diversified Technology Inc.)

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Yoshimi Henry

Yoshimi Henry

Chief People Officer at DTI (Diversified Technology Inc.)

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